• It’s a mainly innocuous, teasingly intelligent hour that isn’t frightened to make fun of the Scots, English and Indians and even dares to build a riff about the Trojan War.
    The Telegraph
  • Michael finds truth in the absurd and absurdity in the truth. He is very very very funny and i’m his biggest fan… all 5 ft 8 of me.
    Bono, U2
  • Mittermeier is very funny, delivering lines with impeccable timing, warm and self-deprecating. It’s impossible not to laugh!
  • Michael Mittermeier is very funny and German. If you don’t believe either of these things – go and check him out.
    Eddie Izzard
  • A Funny occupation
  • It’s all good-natured fun, peppered with uproarious one-liners that conclusively prove Mittermeier’s overriding theory: the term ‘German comedian’ is not an oxymoron.
    The Metro
  • You’re crazy. You seem to be a damned good comedian.
    Jerry Lewis
  • A fast-paced show that will make you laugh your head off
    Frankfurt General Newspaper
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